• Medallion


    The Clow Medallion hydrant was designed and built to provide unsurpassed fire protection. Utilizing computer-developed data, Clow engineers painstakingly sculpted interior surfaces to provide the smoothest possible waterway, resulting in the lowest possible loss of head through the hydrant. The Clow Medallion carries a 10-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. The hydrant also equals or exceeds all applicable AWWA requirements. It has been listed by UL and is approved by FM Global.

  • Eddy


    The Eddy hydrant is a classic design built to provide unsurpassed fire protection and an appealing aesthetic. Since 1875, the Eddy hydrant has been reliably serving communities and firemen across the country. The Eddy opens easily and quickly under pressure, ensuring time-tested performance year after year.

  • Wet Barrel

    Wet Barrel

    The Clow Wet Barrel hydrants serve a unique place in the overall hydrant market – and only Clow Valve brings you a complete line of two and three outlet wet barrel hydrants. Regardless of your wet barrel hydrant needs, there’s a Clow wet barrel hydrant to meet them.

  • F2500/Iowa

    Clow Valve Company has discontinued the production of the F2500 and Iowa Fire Hydrant. To support our existing users we continue to supply repair parts.