Clow Valve Commitment

At Clow Valve Company, our team members strive to make a difference in the surrounding communities through various volunteerism and community service activities.

By participating in community activities, Clow team members enrich the communities where we live and work.

Over the years, Clow team members have been involved in activities ranging from membership on local education boards, supporting community little league teams, sponsoring the local arts, Mahaska County United Way membership, and sponsoring the local animal shelter. Clow has also been involved with sponsorship of the YMCA along with supporting Mahaska Recreation to build soccer fields and a football/track stadium to keep the local community active. Clow team members sponsor the Mahaska Leadership Institute and the Institute’s mission is to develop leadership skills, promote civic engagement, and provide networking and mentoring opportunities for community members and university students.

At Clow Valve, our team members realize that by extending a helping hand many lives can be touched. Clow employees are committed to making a difference in our communities.

Over the years, Clow Valve has supported and continues to support the following:

  • Fire Department using Clow for confined space training
  • Clow has donated vehicles to the Crisis Intervention Center, the Animal Shelter , and the Police Department
  • The Water Department was given OSHA 10 hour training
  • The Police Department Officers provided Drug and Alcohol Training to Clow Valve and is in communication about reciprocal training
  • Clow has reciprocated as advisory board members for William Penn University and OHS Technical Tech Department
  • Clow is a supporter of United Way and has had employees on the board
  • Clow is a supporter of OHS programs and well has having employees who are on the School Board. Clow has contributed to: music boosters, after prom, yearbook, signs for baseball and football fields, football team, motivation committee and Industrial Tech department
  • Clow is a member and a sponsor of the George Daily Auditorium programs
  • Clow is one of the main sponsors for Fridays After Five in the City Square
  • Clow is a major supporter of the Hospice House
  • Clow sponsors several Little League teams as well as local adult sporting teams from bowling to softball and soccer
  • Clow is a supporter of the YMCA and has helped purchase the new equipment
  • Clow has donated to the Oskaloosa Area Chamber & Development
  • Clow has donated to the Animal Shelter during the MADWAG and on other occasions
  • Clow employees help in the sandbag effort during floods at the Water Plant.  Many of them were on the clock at Clow
  • Lighted Christmas Parade Participant