Clow Valve is an active member in many community projects and charities, including

Oskaloosa Police and Fire Departments

Throughout the years, Clow and our team members have maintained a great a partnership with those who protect and serve the local community. Clow has donated vehicles and automated external defibrillators to the local police and fire departments, which allow them to efficiently serve the surrounding communities. Clow has also provided policy training for the local police officers. They reciprocated the favor with drug and alcohol training for Clow team members.

Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter

Clow and our employees have supported the Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter by donating a vehicle. Additionally, Clow supports the Shelter’s cause of providing humane treatment to all animals and limiting the amount of neglect and abuse by providing information to everyone. Clow believes that Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter, with the support of our team members, will benefit many families by providing new companions that bring joy around people in the surrounding communities.